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Melbourne, 27 February 2018
For Immediate Release


ROBOT OVERLORDS release their innovative debut EP album, “PUSHING BUTTONS” – a compelling fusion of electronic soundscapes and enigmatic vocals that simmer into a transatlantic melting pot.

PUSHING BUTTONS” is a ground-breaking mixture that blends intelligent lyrics that drift seamlessly over a technical composition of catchy riffs. Fans will not be disappointed as the band’s latest production translates into the same tongue-in-cheek harmonies and playfulness for which their live shows have become known.

The official first track, Pushing Buttons, offers an explosion of guitar melodies with strong psychedelic undertones reminiscent of Brit indie pop but with an understated layer of something more. Panda Eats Bamboo then sets the stage for a real statement piece. It is an easy harmony of warm, dulcet tones set to transport the listener to an existential realm. La Chika Bajista, is a hypnotic ensemble with the distinct and cutting edge sound that has become synonymous with the band. And the final track eases into the instrumental for Panda Eats Bamboo.

Drawing inspiration from musicians like Imagine Dragons, Franz Ferdinand, Awolnation and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the band’s unique and hypnotic style has its roots planted in previous incarnations in San Francisco, California. Yet, their final re-invention was born when their primary composer and songwriter, Robot Victor, came to Melbourne as a prophet for musical mayhem – his mission to unite all humans under the alliance of Robot Overlords.

The band members include Anna (bass guitar, vocals), Mick (drums), Nastya (vocals), Pano (lead guitar, vocals), and Victor (guitar, keys, vocals, production) – plus guest appearances by Sara (vocals) and Nick (acoustic guitar).

The band’s testament states: “Our goal is to craft a musical experience like no other - taking our listeners on a journey of immersive imagination and sensations.” With dynamic differences and great vibes of this latest release, there is little doubt that they will do anything but that!

The album is available to listen and download from your favorite music stream platforms:

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