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Electronic indie rock band, Robot Overlords, was originally born out of the urban gateway of San Francisco. Victor (the band’s primary composer, songwriter, driving force and head robot) had a dream – a new wave of music that combines electronic soundscapes and high-energy live performances. His eureka moment became a ground-breaking mixture of intelligent lyrics that drift seamlessly over a technical composition of catchy riffs. This proved to be a unique musical experience that challenged the norm and pushed boundaries to enter a realm of possibilities and sensations.

The concept of experiencing music on this deeper level first arose when Victor developed synaesthesia - a condition (that Victor says makes him superhuman) which affects only a tiny percent of the population. It happens when sensations, which are normally experienced separately, join together. In Victor’s case, he is able to experience music as a physical sensation.

“Ever since then, I've become very attuned to music. I can hear a song and it all deconstructs into the various instrumental parts in my head, super clearly,” he explains.

This spurred him to pursue his love of music further, motivating him to seek out other passionate musicians and fellow robots, who shared his vision. It was only after moving to Melbourne in 2016, that the final pieces of the Robot Overlord jigsaw came together with his girlfriend Anna, Pano, Sara, and sometimes Nick.

Since then, the band has moved from strength to strength. Having collaborated with other creativity-centric organizations such as Redbubble and Zoo Labs, they have now released their debut EP "Pushing Buttons" which consist of 3 original tracks plus an instrumental bonus version.

Anna is a self-taught bassist who fell in love with the live music scene during her college years in Austin, Texas.

Her music inspirations include Arctic Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand.

A seasoned musician, Pano has been a guitarist for over 20 years and also plays bass and drums. Born in Australia, he spent a big part of his life in Greece and Spain, which helped to hone his musical talents. Apart from song writing and playing the guitar for Robot Overlords, he occasionally enjoys serenading the ladies with Celine Dion break-up songs. 

His main influences are Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Guns 'n' Roses and Jamiroquai.

Originally from Pakistan, Sara is a Melbourne-based designer and visual artist who joined the band as a female vocalist. She was instrumental to the band’s identity in a visual format, which added a medium of communication and band recognition amongst fans.

Victor first started playing piano as a child and picked up where he left off as an adult. A multi-faceted performer, he is responsible for vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards, electronics, and production.

Passionate about nurturing creative talents, he also volunteers as an advisor with Zoo Labs in California, which is a non-profit accelerator that assists indie musicians.

His musical influences include Franz Ferdinand, Imagine Dragons, Kasabian, and Awolnation

Nick moved to Melbourne from Moscow, Russia where he was an accomplished musician. He occasionally joins on acoustic guitar and vocals.

ANN: (Former member)
Ann was the band's talented drummer. Her untimely departure was on amicable terms due to a career move that saw her relocate to Brisbane.

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Anna & Victor

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